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Travel Insurance

Whilst we at Captain Hook’s Sports Fishing are committed to provide you with our highest quality of services, there are certain aspects of your travels that are being handled by third party operators (such as; airlines, ferries and transport companies).

Each of these services need to be meticulously planned and are an essential part for making your Fishing Holidays a success.

No matter how well we and you are prepared for undertaking such trip. There are always things in life that are beyond someone’s control…

Traveling to and operating fishing trips in remote destinations do come with its unique set of challenges and we request all anglers to take out a comprehensive travel insurance that covers all travel emergencies, such as; hospitalization, repatriation, flight delay, trip cancellation/curtailment, baggage delay/damage/theft and deep sea fishing as a sports activity. 

Captain Hook’s Sports Fishing reserves the right to refuse anglers on board, who do not have adequate travel insurance. Over the years we have dealt with several insurance companies and can highly recommend; ‘World Nomads’ to our guests. We do have special discounts on travel insurance policies that suit the most diverse anglers. Fill in the form to receive a quote and claim this discount.

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