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sightseeing havelock island swaraj dweep andaman

Exploring Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island)

To help you maximize your experience, Captain Hook’s designs your Havelock Island sightseeing as per your needs.  You may have certain limitations such as time constraints, special needs with infants or senior citizens etc. You decide the places, activities and experiences that interest you the most and we will tailor a package to your requirement for a memorable experience!

Four Main Tourist Spots

Must visit beaches in Havelock Island:

Radhanagar Beach

Beach Havelock Island Swaraj Dweep Andaman

Crowned as ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ in 2004 by the TIME magazine, Radhanagar beach (popularly known as beach number 7) lives up to it’s title even today. This gently curving clean beach is sure to leave you spell bound with it’s sparkling powder white sand, gently rolling ocean waves, azure sky and lush rain forest with towering trees. You can’t help but be pulled in to at least dip your feet in the inviting waters. Both couples and families return with amazing memories after spending time at this beach. Sunset at Radhanagar beach is an experience to cherish. It can get crowded during peak season but it is safe as there are life guards present to monitor the  crowd.

Tip To avoid the heat and crowds, plan an early morning trip. To view sunset try reaching the beach by late afternoon. For more privacy walk further away from the main entry.

Kala Pathar Beach

Beach Havelock Island Swaraj Dweep Andaman

Sunrise point of Havelock, Kala Pathar beach mesmerizes with it’s golden sand, crystal clear water of varying hues of sapphire and emerald depending on the tide level. Though not recommended for swimming owing to rocky terrain, you can easily spend quality time relaxing in the lap of nature. Soak in the beauty and breath in the fresh ocean breeze. This beach is less crowded than the Radhanagar beach and if you decide to view the sunrise, you may just find the beach to yourself. Great spot for couples for romantic moments or for families to bond. Discover the photographer in you, shoot some artistic photos using the driftwood on the beach as a backdrop.

Tip Although Andamans is geographically in a different time zone, it follows the Indian Standard Time (IST). Check the time with the locals to ensure you don’t miss the sunrise.

Elephant Beach

Beach Havelock Island Swaraj Dweep Andaman

Elephant beach can be accessed either using speed boats that ply at regular intervals from the beach near the Havelock Jetty or if you are adventurous and physically fit, then trek through the rain forest for around 30-45 minutes to reach the beach. The trek is uneven and not recommended during or soon after rains as it becomes slippery. However, once you reach the beach, you are rewarded with a clean pristine beach with  amazing views. This beach is a popular choice for water sport activities as you are presented with multiple options not available elsewhere in Havelock such as sea-walking, parasailing, jet skiing apart from snorkeling and banana-boat ride.

Tip It can get quite crowded during peak season. If your preference is leisure, peace and quiet away from the hustle bustle, you may want to explore the other beach options. 

Vijaynagar Beach

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Vijaynagar beach is a beautiful beach in it’s own right. With a sandy beach and easy accessibility this is a popular beach for those looking to spend some quality time unwinding while admiring the turquoise ocean. Easily accessible from the hub of resorts/hotel at number 5. Some of the activities that you can indulge on this beach include snorkeling, swimming, beach combing, sunbathing, and bird watching. To reach this beach, you can take an auto rickshaw or AC buse from Havelock Jetty. An AC bus run daily till the Dolphin Resort. If you have a valid driving license, consider hiring a two-wheeler. It also gives you the freedom to explore the rest of the island at your pace.

Tip If you are a beach person, opt for a hotel/resort along this beach at number 5. This will ensure easy access to this beach as and when you need it.

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