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Amazing Kayaking at Havelock - Day and Night

Kayaking at Havelock

Mangroves around Swaraj Dweep

Night Kayaking

Day Kayaking

If you have never done kayaking at Havelock before, you will learn how easy and fun it can be!
Within minutes you are maneuvering a kayak on your own and discovering the pleasure of kayaking through pristine mangrove forest. To enhance your experience, our certified guide accompanies you on your kayaking trip.

During night kayaking at Havelock, you witness amazing bio-luminescence (on a moonless night) and rejoice in the pleasure of identifying visible constellations (when the sky is clear without clouds). 


Kayaking at Havelock with Captain Hook’s is an experience of a lifetime… don’t go by our word, read about the experience of others and get ready to experience it yourself!


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